Inexpensive Wedding Favors With Expensive Looking Style

Many wise couples getting married today have found ways to trim the cost of their wedding without sacrificing style or quality. For example, a bride may purchase a gown and have a friend alter it rather than the bridal store, which might save her a hundred dollars or more. A buffet at the reception rather than a plated dinner may also be a bit more affordable. And of course, many brides are searching for the best way to find inexpensive wedding favors that all the guests will enjoy.

No one wants to sacrifice style at a wedding, that’s for sure. For most brides, every detail needs to be absolutely perfect, right down to the last bud and ice cube. However, brides do well to avoid the mistake of thinking that inexpensive means purchasing something that’s tacky or that just looks cheap.

One way to save money in this area of the wedding is to purchase inexpensive wedding favors that can somehow be assembled at home. For example, buying bulk candy and tulle bags which you fill and tie off at home can save you hundreds when compared to buying these bags already put together. Purchasing small boxes and chocolate bonbons separately and wrapping them yourself is another way to go.

Baking things yourself can also be a great option. A hundred sugar cookies shaped like a heart that you frost and decorate can be very affordable.

When considering these types of inexpensive wedding favors, a bride will do well to enlist some help for herself.

Your bridesmaids, maid of honor, mom, future mother-in-law, or flower girls can be of great

assistance a day or two before the wedding. Trying to do all this work yourself will probably just exhaust you and cause you even more stress than you need!

Personalized Candy Wrappers are a popular option as inexpensive wedding favors for much the same reason. They are typically very affordable when you purchase just the wrapper and foil by themselves, and again, get your own chocolate bars and assemble them at home. Many major websites have a great variety of designs that give you some very nice options and choices. One great website is Your engagement photo can be added using your wedding colors, favorite font and personal message to your wedding party and guests.

The important thing to remember when shopping for inexpensive wedding favors is that you don’t need to settle for something you don’t like or that you don’t think will express your own personality. With some imagination and a few minutes set aside to do a bit of the work yourself, you can still find something that will be just perfect for your special day!

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Personalized Wedding Gifts

Weddings are often the single greatest day in people’s lives. There is so much work put in to them but the end result is very rewarding. While the time can be extremely stressful for the bride and groom, the stress runs down to a lot of immediate family and friends. One way that you can help out the bride and groom is to offer your help and support in a number of

While this may not always be an option for you, you should definitely be shopping for that perfect wedding gift. While the bride and groom will undoubtedly be getting a lot of gifts, you can go above and beyond and get them something they will cherish and remember you for. This is exactly why you want to choose a personalized wedding gift. There is a large chance that the lovely couple will receive some duplicate gifts and generic gifts that are often expected. By giving them a personalized wedding gift you are guaranteed a way to set your gift apart from the rest and make a true statement that you care for the couple in question. So, how can you go about shopping for a personalized wedding gift, and what makes a great gift of this nature? Here are a few ideas and tips you should consider when shopping for a personalized wedding gift.

For starters, the personalized gift does make a statement but you want to be aware of the hobbies and interests of the couple you are shopping for. You may find a great gift in your mind and personalize, but unless it matches the tastes of the couple then the gift may go unused. The number of personalized gifts you can choose from is quite substantial and you are sure to find something that will match the interests of the bride and groom that you are shopping for. You can essentially take any gift these days that you feel suits the situation and instantly make it more memorable by adding personalized messages to it. You no longer have to just buy the couple a generic toaster or plate set. Doing this, the couple may not even remember who bought it for them in the long run. If you choose to add a personal touch to the gift, you can set yourself apart from the crowd and make your gift really feel special. Not only that, but a personalized wedding gift shows that you took the time out of your schedule and truly put thought and care into the gift. It will easily set itself apart from the gift certificates or run of the mill gifts that are evident at all weddings. To find the perfect personalized wedding gift visit

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